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Swingers videos not heard of the latest sex contacts craze to hit the shore of the UK well its been going on for some time and most refer to it as wife swapping but its now been re tagged with the term swingers and thanks to streaming you can watch all these movies NOW and see what goes on at these private parties that only a selected few go to

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With a massive up take in swinging website's it wouldn't be long before the porn & adult DVD market caught up and you can now download or stream just about every type of swingers genre from BBW to shemale and previewed here are just a few of the swinger movies we have on offer

Previewed here are just a few of the swinger movies we have on offer and considering the rate they are being added make sure you bookmark this page and return often :

  • Swingers Party 7 - you know this video is about as basic as it comes even the soding cover looks home made, but what it does do well is show what swingers get up too and after a couple of single guys turn up the action gets going and soon its turning into a cum swapping fuck feast of fun that would really make anyone join up to swingers contacts website
  • Melanie's Real Brit Swingers - if you've ever wondered what happens at a UK swingers party this DVD will give you a first hand insight And consider all these couples replied to ads from a local newspaper just goes to show how horny us Brits really are. This is the first of Melanies movies. more here
  • Senior Swingers - you know everyone is doing it these days and you almost get the impression if your not swapping or swinging you just ain' t alive and from looking at these mature swingers they sure as fuck are that !! as we see Kitty Foxx as she's getting just more than one dick ........ in fact try 12! now that's one busy mature lady
  • Bi-Swingers - you know being bi / lesbian and a swinger almost seems to go hand in hand least it is with the bifem swingers although their is some bimale action going on as well as first timer Karen is introduced to a new world of passion and sex. The couples she meets are so intense, they'll do anybody or anything for ultimate in bi-sexual pleasures!
  • German Swingers - well you know if its German the action is going to be hardcore from the start to the finish its Double oral! Double Vag action! all the way from these hardcore european swingers as these German girls all showed up, ready to fuck, suck and swallow cum from total strangers
  • Swingers 3 - Its about the best known swingers club in Britain that's "La Chambre" in Sheffield that features some great full on amazing action. Its got everything From Lesbians & Group action to mature fucking in S&M room / Dungeon and all these people in the videos are genuine members and no actors we used

I have to say after streaming some of these swingers movies its really made me want to try my local club all I need to do is convince the wife LOL - OK well at least I can download swingers DVDs as that's about as near as I'll & probably many others of us will get to the real deal

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I'd like to say this is some free swingers porn but its not but enjoy it either way after all its FREE ........and if you've never streamed a movie before it will give you some idea of what's on offer

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If like many the term PPV is new to you then check out the samples thumbnail clips below and by using PPV you could jump straight into and of these films directly from the image. so long boring intros - straight into the action .......

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